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Web Perspectives is a platform where members have the opportunity to earn rewards by simply participating in online surveys. Web Perspectives panel is owned and managed by Research Now; the world’s largest permission based online data collection specialists.

Through the quality market research they provide, Research Now acts as a trusted adviser to the market research industry.

What They Do

Companies, both big and small, are interested in what you have to say and are willing to pay for your opinions. Web Perspectives speak to these companies on your behalf by gathering your opinions through paid online surveys on topics of interest to you.

They then send your anonymous opinions to clients for analysis, reward you for your time and send you new surveys to complete.

Without your valued opinions, many products and services would simply not evolve to meet your changing needs. By providing you with a platform from which to speak your mind, they are able to collect your thoughts on a wide range of topics from fashion, sports and cars to more urgent issues such as the economic climate, global warming and political events.

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