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Univox Community is a public community that is open for anyone to join for free. In fact, once you join and complete your profile, you get 620 points ($6.20) free. The profile consists of basic questions about you, i.e. age, gender, region, shopping behaviors, automobile ownership, and so on.

Community members are invited to participate in surveys based on their basic profile information. These surveys range from 1 to 60 minutes, and members are awarded based on the time spent on surveys. This community helps businesses to make some critical decisions about their products and services.

Members can cash out these points in the form of Amazon gift codes, PayPal and Virtual Visa. Apart from surveys, members can participate in quick polls, contests, and forum discussions. All this participation helps them to earn more points. All these activities require 30-45 minutes a day to stay involved in the community.

These surveys not only help to shape better future products and services, but they also help the members to gain valuable insights and general awareness.

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