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How to Nurture Your Child’s Acting Skills

Being the parent of an aspiring child actor requires a massive effort. You are constantly on the road travelling to numerous auditions, acting classes, schedule appointments, speaking to agents, agent mailings and putting together head shots and resumes. You also have to learn all about show business if you must steer your child towards the right direction.

On top of that, you have to ensure that your child is also focused on his/her education and above all that they themselves don’t crack under the immense pressure and expectation to succeed.

You can see why this is a huge task and if you have a career of your own, it becomes a whole lot harder. That is why very few parents actually hit the finish line.

Having said all that however, some parents are smart in the way they approach this task. They do what they themselves, as parents, have to do and they outsource to professionals what they can’t do very well.

This way, they can reduce their workload and prevent themselves from going insane.



Outsourcing certain aspects of your child’s performing arts career has to be done properly. There are many kids casting agencies that can do this for you. But as in everything, there are the good, the excellent and the quacks. A casting agency can be the difference between success and failure.

There are few really excellent casting agencies that has proven record of consistently nurturing child actors and actresses successfully. These kind of agencies can really bring out the hidden skills in your child and make your child blossom on stage.

With professionals, children, being the quick learners they are, can make great strides pretty quick. Children are very interesting but complex characters and on matters as important as nurturing their skills, it is better left to experienced professionals rather than throwing stuff to see what sticks.

A professional is trained to understand a child’s emotions even more than the child’s parent(s). Sometimes parents can mistake their own ambitions for their child’s. Sometimes, children may want to do what we want to please us or because it is expected of them because maybe a sibling is already excelling in that area.




These should not be a reason to set the kid on an acting career. Maybe the child just cannot act or does not really want to and so the constant rejection that eventually comes from auditions can impact negatively on the child’s self-esteem.

So the first thing an excellent casting agency does is to first ascertain that the child is adequately motivated and is the main driving force behind the whole pursuit of an acting career. This is the first thing that needs to be established before you embark on the road to auditions, classes, head shots and resumes.

This can quickly be established by an excellent casting agency so get an agency pretty early before you go too far down the road.

There are a number of excellent casting agencies out there but an outstanding name in the industry is specializes in Auditions and casting calls for babies, kids and teens. They work with top entertainment professionals across the country and can give your child the necessary help on all aspects of child acting career development.

bayofdeals_kidscasting allows you to create a professional online profile which is then included in their talent database of child actors for thousands of entertainment professionals to see. You will also have the ability to search and submit to casting calls for your child.

Your child can quickly come to the spotlight with their professional guidance.

Your child is precious and they don’t have to be a George Clooney or Julia Roberts for you to love them more but imagine they have the same acting talents as these guys or better and you fail to develop that?

Having said that, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Outsource what you can to capable professionals. After all it is said that “it takes 2 to make a child but a whole community to care for that child.


 Tips to Book Kids Auditions

Here are a few tips to make child auditions fun and help your kids succeed:

Audition Locally
Don’t feel you have to take your child on casting calls in Los Angeles or New York for them to succeed. Auditions in major entertainment cities are often crowded and tougher. For most kids, it’s better to start auditioning in a place where they don’t have to make a long trip to get to the casting call and where they can meet friendly casting directors which will help them build self-confidence.

Have passion
Before scheduling child auditions, make sure this is really what your child wants. Your kid should be the driving force that makes you drive to the audition. If they are going along to please you but don’t really want to do it, they will get nervous or moody in the room and are unlikely to succeed. Most importantly, they will not have fun! This should be fun for them or it could become a very stressful experience.

Personality is key
Unlike adult actors, beginning young actors don’t have to compete against seasoned veterans, especially if they’re young (after all, how much experience can a kid have?). This kind of levels out the playing field at kids auditions, so it really comes down to what a child will do in the audition room. So what are casting directors looking for? Personality! The best thing your child can do to book kids auditions is to be themselves.
So let them be kids… and your child will succeed at kids auditions!

How to find work and auditions for your child actor

So, your child has expressed an interest in performance. What happens next?

Entering the world of professional performance is a big commitment for you and your child. The atmosphere at auditions, castings can be energetic, but this is an incredibly competitive world. On top of this, although the work is paid, there’s a fair chance that you’ll spend far more than you’ll earn. Think hard about your reasons for persevering, and make sure the experience remains enjoyable and enriching for both you and your young actor.

The Headshot
A headshot is such an important part of every performer’s toolkit, but you’d be surprised at the number of images put forward to admin approval that don’t meet this industry standard. Yes, the picture of your child on the beach may be terribly cute and we’re delighted to see that they had fun on holiday in Majorca, but if it isn’t a serious image that meets the conventions, producers are unlikely to be serious about auditioning you..

Drama school
The importance of a good drama school must not be underestimated. As well as being great fun, it’s a great place to build up skills, learn how to interact with other actors and improve your own performance skills.

The Agent
Kids Casting allows you to manage your child’s profile and applications, and our team is here to support you if you have any questions. That said, we are not an agency, and advise you to seek representation using the resources on our site. An agent is an invaluable contact to have, and a good one will provide you with all the creative and administrative support to get your kid’s performance career off to the best start.