How to Tighten Skin

To those of you who have lost a lot of weight, I say congratulations! You have come a long way. However, many of you are now facing a different problem: loose skin after weight loss. For many formerly overweight people saggy skin is the bane of their existence.

Of course, there are also other reasons why people have excess skin. Women who have been through pregnancy may find that they have loose belly skin, and people who are aging may find that they start getting saggy skin.

Whatever your skin tightening needs, I have the solution.


Skin tightening creams

One of the most common methods people recommend if you want to tighten sagging skin is to use some form of body firming cream ( The ads say that these “magic creams” provide you with tight skin and get rid of cellulite.

As far as I am aware this is mostly crap. However, one of my friends used to be very overweight before getting into fitness. He’s 6’2” and weighs 85kg down from 130kg. As you can imagine he had a lot of loose skin and his stretch marks were pretty bad. He then began to use a moisturizing cream rich in Vitamin E ( and Bio-Oil (, and his loose skin and stretch marks did get a bit better, however it took time.

In addition to using cream and oil, he also performed…


Skin tightening exercises

When learning how to tighten skin it is imperative that one understand the importance of exercise. By this, I don’t mean going out for a run – I am referring to exercises that build muscle. (NB: to any women who are reading this and are worried about becoming “muscular” – don’t worry, you won’t. It takes years of hard work and steroid abuse to look like a female bodybuilder)

Think about it: why do you have loose skin? For people who were pregnant or overweight it is because their body used to be too big and their skin got stretched out.

What does adding muscle do? It fills out your body – meaning that your skin becomes tighter. For people who have loose skin because of aging (or any other reason) the same principle applies.

The downside of this is that it takes a while to see major results, but it is cheap and can work moderately well if you combine it with applying an effective skin tightening cream and bio-oils. If money is no object, however, I suggest that you consider…


Skin tightening procedures

The most effective and proven method of reducing excess skin is skin removal surgery. By going to a consultant you can quickly get your loose skin removed.

The downside of loose skin surgery is that it is incredibly expensive. Additionally, you may be left with scarring and it may not completely get rid of your loose skin.

If you are rich go for it, but not many of us have thousands that we can use on a whim.

Therefore, there is one last thing for you to consider…


Skin tightening technology

There is another method to obtaining tight skin: laser skin treatment. Although I have no personal experience with it, I have heard nothing but good reviews.

Like skin removal surgery, it is a very effective method of getting rid of extra skin, however it is nonsurgical.

The way it works is that it heats up the collagen below the surface of your skin, which causes your skin to contract and therefore become tighter.

Laser skin treatment can be done either at a clinic or at home. If you wish to get treated a clinic it is still quite expensive (although cheaper than getting surgery) – however treating yourself at home is comparatively quite cheap (and far cheaper than getting a tummy tuck).

The one laser that I have repeatedly heard good reviews about is the Silk’n Silhouette Device (

Considering how affordable these devices are for most people, and with the massive benefit of having tight skin, I see no reason to not consider buying one.