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How to Get Bigger Arms

There are only two measurements taken in inches that guys care about, and one of them is arm size. For many gym going guys the size of their biceps is not only a statement of their success in the gym, it is also a passive display of their masculinity. It is for this reason that many body building enthusiasts spend countless hours trying to get that huge 18” guns. However most fail miserably.


How To Get Bigger Arms


They fail, not for lack of trying harder, but because they don’t adhere to certain principles of big arm workouts or big bicep workouts, as some may call it, and the sacred techniques on how to get stronger arms.

Body building, even more than many other endeavors, requires dedication, devotion and discipline. So to get bigger arms, there are certain rules that, if strictly adhered to, can most certainly guarantee you bigger arms and your dream physique. These are listed below.


Follow a routine

I cannot overstate how important this is. Do you have any idea how many walk into the gym with no idea what they’re doing? Far too many. You’re never going to get any gains if you go to the gym and just do whatever the hell you feel like each time. You need consistency if you want to see serious results, as it is far easier to make progress with a routine with small increments each week than by going into the gym and just doing whatever you feel like.

Additionally, certain movements (specifically compound movements) require more energy than others. I am not lying when I say that I have seen someone walk into the gym, spend 30 seconds looking around clueless, eventually picking up a pair of dumbbells and begin to pump out bicep curls before starting to bench press.


Bicep-dumbbell-curl-biceps-promo - How To Get Bigger Arms


This type of training is wrong for the simple fact that compound movements (those which use two or more joints, such as bench press, bent over rows, and dead-lifts) use far more energy than isolation movements (those which use a single joint, such as bicep curls and triceps push-downs).

It therefore makes far more sense to perform your compound movements first so you have enough energy for them (it is also safer as compound movements have a higher risk of injury – you don’t want to be doing them when you’re already exhausted and struggling to do them with proper form).

This brings me onto my next point…


Do more compound movements

Bicep curls might build your biceps but do you know what else does? Rows and pull ups. I have always considered dedicated arm workouts to be a waste of time. Guess what happens when you do any upper body work. You use your arms. Overhead press and bench press use your triceps, and rows and pull ups use your biceps.

Bicep-dumbbell-curl - How To Get Bigger Arms


Additionally, doing compound movements raises your testosterone levels as more muscles are being used, which may result in more muscle growth. It also might not affect the growth rates of each individual muscle much (if at all) however I can say one thing with absolute certainty: I have never seen a guy with large muscles who couldn’t go heavy on compound movements.

That is not to say that you can’t do isolation movements. I would recommend doing a single exercise each for biceps and triceps at the end of your workout. However, you must make sure that you…


Don’t forget forearms

The most overlooked aspect of building big arms is forearm work. How many people have you met that exclusively work forearms? I know no one who does it besides myself. Part of the reason for this is that they don’t have the glamour attached to them that other body parts do.

Another reason is that they are very hard to grow. However, having big biceps and skinny forearms looks ridiculous and if you train your forearms they will grow. So train them you must.

Bicep-dumbbell-curl-biceps-workout-harder - How To Get Bigger Arms


The main exercises for these are wrist curls and reverse wrist curls. For wrist curls, sit on a bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Wrest your forearms on your legs and, with your palms facing up, proceed to curl the weights using only your wrists. For reverse wrist curls, do the same but with your palms facing the floor.

It is best to perform these in sets of 15 as your forearms do not tire easily. Beware: you will not be able to lift much weight for these exercises, so go light to avoid injury.

Another way to get bigger forearms is by training your grip. You can do this by gripping whatever weight you’re lifting in all movements as hard as you can. This works especially well on heavier exercises such as dead-lifts. However, a far more precise way of increasing grip strength is by using grippers.

These scale in weight from as low as 40lbs up to 400lbs, allowing you to tailor you to progress more consistently (and more quickly) Than you would by just gripping the bar and hoping for the best.


Always use proper form

My number one pet hate in the gym is guys slinging up far more weight than they can handle – risking injury – in the vain attempt to massage their own ego or impress someone. Why do it? You are just wasting your time and your energy. How are your biceps going to grow if you use your back to perform bicep curls? (hint: they aren’t)

You need as strict form as possible to make sure that you are hitting your muscles correctly (this applies to both compound and isolation movements). This will mean that you will be lifting less weight, but that’s OK. Having big muscles is about more than just being strong. Kai Greene says it best here:




Instead of doing bicep curls, do dumbbell preacher curls to ensure that you don’t use your body-weight as a lever to lift the weight for you. Another thing you want to remember is that you need to almost (but not fully) lock out your arm when performing curls.

Fully locking your arm out whilst doing preacher curls has the potential to cause injury to your elbow, so lower it until its almost locked out, hold it for a second or two (this is to stop momentum from helping you lift the weight back up), and lift the weight all the way back up.

Bicep-Arm-Training2 - How To Get Bigger Arms

How to do reverse grip triceps push downs with proper form.

For triceps push-downs I recommend using a cable machine and doing them with each arm separately so muscle is built evenly across both arms. It’s important to keep your upper arm completely still whilst doing the move as to provide maximum isolation for your triceps (it helps if you try to keep your arms locked into your sides).

You will also naturally feel the urge to lean forward or bend over whilst doing the movement. Resist the temptation. Doing so will result in you working your triceps less as your body-weight or even your chest takes over.

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